How can I see whether there are rooms available in the UM Guesthouse during the period I will be in Maastricht?

After you log in to Maastricht Housing, you can see up-to-date availability. You can enter the time period you will be in Maastricht in your search profile so the website will automatically filter out rooms that do not apply to you.

I was interested in a room I saw on the Maastricht Housing website, but after logging in I do not see it anymore. What did I do wrong?

The homepage shows all the living spaces that exist for your rental profile, to give you an idea of what sort of housing is available. We can only show you the properties that are still available after you log in.

I have paid, but I do not see it in MyHousing yet. Is my reservation confirmed?

The reservation is only final after receiving a confirmation email. Until that time, your reservation is only pending. The room can therefore still be given to another tenant.

What happens if the room I tried to reserve gets booked by someone else in the meantime?

We will check whether we have a similar room for you. Unfortunately, a reservation is only final after we have received the payment. Because anyone can access our website from anywhere in the world, it is possible that someone else pays the down payment earlier and the room is taken.

I will arrive in Maastricht after 17:00 or on the weekend. Can I still check in?

The reception desk at the main guesthouse is open from 08.30AM-5.00PM (Monday till Friday). Our employees will leave your keys at our security desk (just next to our reception desk). They are open 24/7. You can go to the Maastricht Housing reception desk on the next working day to take care of the formalities.

What is expected of me when I check in?

Our employees will welcome you and explain how the guesthouse works. You must sign the contract and pay the first month’s rent. You only need to bring your passport. We will make sure the contracts have been printed and your keys are ready.

Note: room available from 03:00 PM.

Please note: the down payment you made for your reservation is not your first month’s rent. It will be used to cover the last 30 days of your rental period.

I will live at on outside location. How will I get there after I check in?

We will arrange transport from the guesthouse to your location. If you arrive outside business hours, the security will call a taxi and we will pay.

How do I pay the rent for my room?

Log in to MyHousing. Click on ‘My rent’ and follow the instructions on the screen. You can easily see what you still owe and what you have already paid.


The website states that all rooms are furnished. What does that mean?

Every room contains standard furniture (bed, cupboard, desk, chair and bed linen).  Every room has access to internet network. Select the specific room you are interested in to see all its related facilities.


Can I change my contract before I arrive?

It is possible to change/cancel your contract up to one month before arrival. We will refund your deposit if you no longer wish to rent a room at the UM Guesthouse. We keep the final cleaning fee as administration costs. If you cancel less than one month in advance, you will lose your deposit. 

Can I change my contract after I arrive?

You can extend your contract if your room has not already been booked for the period after your stay. In general, it is not possible to shorten your contract. If you still wish to do so, you must pay one month’s rent as a fine.

Do you have further questions?

Send an email to, drop by at our office, call us on +31 (0) 43 388 59 70 or message us on Facebook.