The accommodation agreement is subject to the following conditions:

1) Usage:

a) The use of the accommodation and inventory is meant for personal use only.

b) The right to use the room applies only to the person who has signed the accommodation agreement and for the period stated in the agreement. Subletting the room is never permitted under any circumstances.

c) Guests may use their rooms for their own personal accommodation. Visitors may remain only after the Guesthouse UM grants permission. Visitors must register at the Guesthouse UM office and may only stay for three nights with guests in a single room. Unregistered guests will be removed from the premises after notification and this action may involve the assistance of the police.

2) Behavior

a) Guests have to respect the rules of the buildings in which the accommodation is situated and the house rules of the Guesthouse UM concerning the use of the building.

b) Guests are obliged to refrain from abusive, dangerous or offensive behavior.

c) Guests must ensure that their visitors refrain from abusive, dangerous or offensive behavior.

d) Rendering fire extinguishers and escape routes partly or fully inoperable or making unnecessary use of them are considered dangerous behavior, as referred to above.

e) Disregarding any of the rules above will follow in a warning and thereafter eviction.

f) Dealing in, using and possession of soft drugs and hard drugs is forbidden! If guests or their visitors do so it will lead to eviction and an end to their contract without warning. Police will be notified and a report will be made.

In the event that it is necessary to evict a guest and end their contract, the guest will be penalized the rent of the month they are evicted and an additional month.

g) Guests shall at all times show consideration to their roommates, neighbors and the general public. After 10pm all guests will refrain from playing radios, TVs, CD players, musical instruments, computers, and refrain from other loud noises.

h) By Dutch law smoking in any public building is forbidden and we also uphold this law in all Guesthouse buildings. If you are found to be smoking , you will first be given a fine of € 75,00.

You can smoke outside the building.

i) Under no circumstances are pets allowed anywhere in the Guesthouse UM. 

3) Liability

a) Guests are liable for any damage caused, unless proven otherwise. They are also responsible for damages caused by their visitors and for damages caused by third parties acting in their service or on their assignment.

b) In case of damages caused by fire, guests are only responsible if they are declared guilty of causing the fire.

In the event of a false fire alarm in which the fire department arrives, the costs of the fire department will be the responsibility of the guest.

c) Loss of property of guests, either by fire or otherwise, is not insured by the Guesthouse UM.

d) The Guesthouse UM is not liable for damages to persons or goods belonging to guests or third parties, unless in cases of gross negligence and/or intent. Guest indemnifies the Guesthouse UM from all third party claims for which the Guesthouse UM should not be liable on the basis of the above.

4) Access to accommodation

Guests must provide access to the Guesthouse UM or anyone acting on behalf of the Guesthouse UM, at reasonable times and as deemed necessary, to inspect the situation in the accommodation for cleaning purposes agreed upon or to have certain repairs performed.

5) Acceptance

a) Guests shall be regarded as having accepted the accommodation in good condition and with complete inventory; unless the Guesthouse UM receives a notice of any defaults in writing within 24 hours after the agreement has come into effect.

b) Guests shall acknowledge the receipts of the necessary keys from the Guesthouse UM. Replacement of lost keys costs € 50,00 - 200,00.

c) All of our accommodations are provided with bed linen.

d) Accommodation agreements are only possible for the period corresponding with the period of study in Maastricht.

e) You can cancel your reservation up to one month in arrival. The down payment minus the final cleaning costs will be refunded. We keep them as administration costs.

f) The € 35,00 subscription fee is non refundable.

6) Change of accommodation

Guests that wish to change their room must inform the Guesthouse UM and can do so only if another room is available. For each change of room the cleaning fee must be paid.

7) Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs are carried out at the expense of the Guesthouse UM, except insofar as damage to the accommodation or inventory is caused during the period of stay. In the latter case, damages will be at the expense of the guest. No materials may be attached on or in the walls of rooms and communal rooms. (Notice boards are available for this purpose). Damages to walls and doors will be at the expense of the guests.

8) Payment

a) The first payment is your down payment which you will have to pay when you make your online reservation. This down payment is the last month's rent (30 days) including the final cleaning fee. Every month you have to pay the rent before the 1st of the new month. You can pay with all the major credit cards, debit cards or cash at our reception desk. 

b) The Guesthouse UM will impose administration costs in case it has to send reminders to collect the fee.

c) Any costs related to collecting the fee (by a bailiff), or any other financial obligations are for the account of the guest.

d) Any costs resulting from payments from abroad are at the expense of the guest.

9) Cleaning

All guests of the residences are expected to keep the room and the communal areas of the corridor (such as kitchens, showers, toilet and lounge) clean and in proper condition.

The Guesthouse UM considers each individual responsible and will monitor cleaning.

10) Termination of the accommodation agreement

a) It is not possible to terminate the accommodation agreement at a date before the termination agreed upon.

b) Having agreed upon a time with the Guesthouse UM, the accommodation must be vacated before 11.00 AM. on the day when the agreement ends.

The accommodation must be in good order and complete, including all keys, and in the same state as the time of commencement of the agreement, taking into account normal wear and tear. You will be charged for the extra days your keys are not returned on time!

c) Personal belongings left by guests after termination of the accommodation agreement will be removed by the Guesthouse UM, if necessary at the expense of the guest in question. (€ 75,00) Guests are considered to have relinquished all rights relating to these belongings, unless it is obvious from the nature of these belongings that such is the opposite. The Guesthouse UM has no liability regarding these belongings.

d) In case of a positive balance after settlement, payment will take place on return of the accommodation. If the communal areas are not clean after returning the keys, a minimum of € 75,00 cleaning cost shall be charged; this to be decided by the Guesthouse UM.

e) Guests who remain negligent after having been notified by the Guest house of their default in observing one or more of their obligations resulting from this agreement, the Guesthouse UM is entitled to terminate the accommodation agreement without the need to give notice and without legal intervention being required.

f) The end date agreed upon in the accommodation agreement excludes continuation of the period.

g) Guests that decide to leave before the end of their contract or in the event that it is necessary to evict a guest and end their contract, the guest will be penalized the rent of the month they leave and an additional month.

11) Non-compliance

The accommodation agreement is subject to the following conditions: Non-compliance to the above stated conditions can lead to denial of access, damage claims, debt collection and/or eviction.

The management of the Guesthouse UM has the right to introduce other rules and regulations if necessary.