Private market

The largest percentage of housing is offered to you by private landlords and brokers (referred to here as the private market). You can access an unlimited number of offers on the private market. Each owner can choose their own method of selecting a new tenant: some prefer a ‘first come, first serve’ policy, others let the current tenants decide and some have specific wishes for their offer. They are totally free to decide who to accept as a new tenant.

To find an offer on the private market:

  1. Browse the Maastricht Housing database and select an offer you like.
  2. Click on ‘I’m interested’. The system will ask you to select the dates on which you wish to schedule a viewing. Select as many timeslots and days as possible.
  3. The landlord will receive a notice that you showed interest. He/she will be able to see the dates and times you preferred to schedule a viewing. The landlord will choose one of these options.
  4. The landlord will schedule an appointment date via MyHousing. You will receive each other’s contact details and an appointment confirmation.


make sure you always respond in time to messages from the landlord.

You can use the confirmation to reschedule in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can keep track of all your appointments in MyHousing under ‘My mediations’.

After an appointment has been made, the landlord takes over the rental process. If you reach an agreement with a landlord, he/she will add this to the specific offer in MyHousing. This is also visible in ‘My mediations’. You do not have to accept the offer on the website yourself (as opposed to offers from housing corporations).



In order to create more transparency, Maastricht Housing allows you to review your housing after you move out. Reviews give future tenants a better chance of finding a house that is up to standards. Therefore we kindly ask you to fill out a review when you move out of housing offered by Maastricht Housing.